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A. Traditional method

  • The traditional method of preparation, storage, and application of FYM in Nepal is not satisfactory.
  • The common method of preparation of FYM is done by digging a pit and putting the materials in it.
  • Daily addition of materials is done onto it until the field is ready for its application. The manure pit is left open unprotected from sun, air and rainfall. When the field is ready to receive the manures, it is carried onto the land and left on the field in small heaps scattered for several days before it is plowed in. during these steps of preparation, storage and application of FYM a considerable loss of nutrients due to volatilization and leaching occur.
  • During hot weather nutrients are lost as gases into the air and during heavy rains of the monsoon they are lost by leaching. Losses of nitrogen and potassium by one or both of the above processes are substantial.


B. Improved Method

  • Losses of nutrients from the FYM can be minimized with a careful preparation, storage and handling of the manures.
  • This may entail the use of good bedding to absorb urine, storage of manure on large hips protected from sun, wind and rains after it is prepared in pits, and applied on the land and plowed immediately.
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