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Green manuring is the practice of enriching the soil by turning under undecomposed plant material (except crop residues), either in place or brought from a distance. In various localities, green manuring is practiced differently. These include:

1) Green leaves are collected from forest areas and leguminous trees are grown on the boarder of the fields and other vacant places of the farm to provide green leaf and twigs for manuring paddy crops.

2) Legumes are grown to maturity and either cut close to the ground and laid on the soil or is simply allowed to dry. Litter – fall from drying plants is decomposed and contributes nutrients to soil.

3) Other scheme involves growing leguminous tree species such as ipil-ipil (Leuceana leucocephala) along the slope contours or farm boarders. The trees are trimmed periodically to prevent crop shedding. The cut branches and leaves are placed on the ground as green manures.

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