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  • Source of manure: Sheep & poultry manures are richer than cow, pig & horse manures.
  • Food of the animal: the richer the food in proteins, the richer will be the manure.
  • Function of the animal: Animals producing milk & wool absorb more nutrients from their food than do those animals that are working or at rest. Thus, manure obtained from milking cows will be of poor quality as compare to animals that are at rest.
  • Age & condition of the animals: the manure obtained from young, healthy animals is of poor quality as compared to these which are mature or sick.
  • Storage of manure: Well protected manure from sunlight, rain or any other factors is richer in nutrients.
  • Nature of the litter: Leguminous litter is richer in N as compare to cereals litters (wheat, rice, maize, jowar etc).

For all the other factors remaining the same, the quality of FYM will be affected by the way it is prepared,

stored and applied

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