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Why is azolla unique? - Azolla Foundation

  • It is also called live floating N factory using energy from photosynthesis to fix atmospheric nitrogen. The most important biofertilizer of flooded rice is azolla and Blue Green Algae (BGA).
  • Azolla is a floating fern which harbours blue green algae in its leaf cavities.
  • The host plant (Azolla) provides carbon sources while Anabaena azollae fixes atmospheric N and transfers it to azolla which in turns multiply rapidly and this rapid multiplication creates a
  • huge amount of biomass on the surface of the water.
  • It is then harvested, dryed and used as biofertilizer.
  • Azolla is decomposed very quickly and its N is used by rice very efficiently. It fixes about 40-80 Kg N/ha symbiotically with Anabena azollae.
  • There are six species of Azolla-A. caroliniana, A. nilotica, A. mexicana, A. filiculoides, A. microphylla and A. pinnata.


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