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  • Several kinds of extracting solutions are used to correlate soil test results with plant growth. Correlation is to find suitable extracting solution.
  • An assay crop is grown in greenhouse. All the factors are controlled except the nutrients in question. After the harvest of the crops, the uptake of nutrient by plants is determined.
  • Different extractants are selected to extract that nutrient which is in question. The uptake of that nutrient is correlated statistically with those extracted by different extractants.
  • A best correlation between the nutrient and the extractant is selected. An extractants with high correlation coefficient is selected as a suitable extractant for soil tests. After selecting the extractant, a field calibration study must be carried out.
  • Different extractants are used based on several factors such as acidic condition, alkaline condition, temperature condition, weather condition, temperature condition, weather condition, topography, soil texture and soil type etc.
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