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➢ Harnesses atmospheric nitrogen (20-200 Kg N/ha) and makes it available directly to the plants.

➢ Increases phosphorus uptake (30-35 Kg P2O5/ha) by solubilizing and releasing unavailable phosphorus.

➢ Enhances root proliferation due to release of growth promoting hormones and vitamins.

➢ Increases the crop yields by 10 – 25 %.

➢ They suppress incidence of pathogen and control disease.

➢ They help to control the harmful insect pest.

➢ Improves soil properties, tilth and soil health, thus sustain soil fertility.

➢ Benefit to cost ratio of biofertilizers is fairly high, Cost effective.

➢ Supplement to fertilizers; Provide protection against drought.

➢ Eco-friendly (Friendly with nature).

➢ Reduces the costs towards fertilizers use, especially regarding nitrogen and phosphorus

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