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A) Conventional tillage or Traditional tillage:

  • refers to different types of tillage operations performed before, during and after field preparation for seeding, transplanting and cultivating the crops.
  • The soil is opened with MB plough for primary tillage.
  • Disc harrows, cultivators, blade harrows etc. are used for secondary tillage.

B) Modern concept of tillage or Conservation Tillage

  • Modern concept of tillage is developed by emphasizing minimal cultivation.
  • Under this system of tillage sowing operations are carried out with little disturbance to the crop
  • Considering the time loss for tillage operations, minimum and zero tillage have been developed and this concept is together known as conservation tillage.
  • The objective of conservation tillage is to reduce the loss of soil, water, plant nutrients etc.
  • According to this concept a large amount of organic residue should be left in the soil surface to increase the organic matter content in the soil which helps to protect the soil surface from the beating action of rain drops, increase the infiltration of water, improve the soil structure and maintained the soil fertility and productivity also.
  • This system is frequently referred to as stubble mulching, eco-fallow, limited tillage, reduced tillage, minimum tillage, no tillage, conservation tillage, direct drill etc.
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