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  • Fertilized mature ovule that possess an embryonic plant, stored food material and a protective coat or coats, which is viable and has got capacity to germinate.


  • Grain is the part of commercial produce used for human and animal consumption.

Seed Technology

  • Feistrizer (1975) define “Seed technology as the methods through which the genetic and physical characteristics of seed could be improved. It involves such activities as variety development, evaluation and release, seed production, processing, storage and certification”.

Seed quality

  • Seed is said to be quality if it is scientifically produced (under the supervision of seed certifying agency) and is distinctly superior in terms of genetic purity or varietal purity, freedom from admixture of weeds and other crop seeds, seed health, high germination and vigor, seed treatment and safe moisture content etc. Which are the important parameters to determine the seed quality.
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