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  1. Cropping index:
  • The number of crops grown per year on a given piece of land multiplied by 100 is cropping index

i.e. Cropping index = Total number of crops/Net cultivated area x 100

  1. Cropping intensity:
  • Cropping intensity indicates the number of times a field is grown with crops in a year. It is calculated by dividing gross cropped area with net area available in the farm, region or country.

i.e. Cropping intensity (CI%) = Gross cropped area / Net area available x100

  1. Land equivalent ratio (LER)
  • LER is the relative land area under sole crops that is required to produce the yields achieved in intercropping

i.e. LER = Yij /Yii + Yij/Yjj

Where, Yij = Yield of inter crops, Yii and Yjj = Sole crops yield of component crops.

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