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Best Organic Fertilizers: Ratings, Reviews, and Top Picks

  • Organic manures are those complex materials, which are organic in origin, bulky and concentrated in nature and capable of supplying plant nutrients and improving physical, chemical and biological environment of the soil.
  • It includes the following importance:
  1. Organic manures are cheaper than fertilizer and can be made easily by the farmers as farm manure.
  2. Due to high cost of fertilizers, farmers cannot bring fertilizer in such rate that’s why it is very important for the farmers.
  3. Our farmers are not using balanced dose of fertilizer in the field due to which soil acidity problems may be increased and the organic manure helps to maintain soil pH by buffering ability.
  4. If nitrogenous fertilizers are applied in large quantity in the farm nutrient like NO3- is easily leached through soil surface (due to negative charge of soil colloides and Nitraterepulsion takes place) and accumulated with gravitational water and make the water pollution due to which blue baby diseased problem is seen some times in the society.
  5. When sulfur containing fertilizers are applied large amount in the soil it forms sulphuric acid (H2SO4) in the atmosphere and takes acid rain in some times. Using organic manures solves this problem.

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