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a) Rice

High yield potential in a rice cultivar is associated with a combination of morphological and physiological characteristics of plant. Morphological characteristics like short stature, high tillering, stiff culms and compact panicles to hold the plant erect, erect leaves to reduce shading and utilize solar radiation efficiently, and well filled heavy panicles. Physiological characteristics like seedling vigour, early maturity to permit growing more than one crop of rice per year, photoperiod insensitivity to permit growing a cultivar in any crop season or in different latitudes, and N responsiveness.

b) Maize

High yield, strong root and stalk, total husk covering, disease and insect resistance, compact endosperm, resistance to ear dropping, rapid dry down, resistant to heat and drought, response to soil fertility, cold tolerance etc.

c) Wheat

Stable yield, early maturity, lodging resistance (development of cultivar with a vigorous and healthy root system, short and sturdy straw, resilient straw that does not break in the wind, shorter straw), winter hardiness (resistance to winter injury), drought resistance, disease resistance, insect resistance etc.

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