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  • Every plant community has its own minimum, optimum and maximum temperature known as their cardinal temperature.
  • These critical low and high temperatures are required for better growth and development of crops.
  • The three types of temperature ranges are:
  1. Optimum temperature
  • The temperature at which a plant functions best is called as the optimum temperature.
  • The ideal temperature conditions for crop production are in the range of 31-37oC for hot season and 25-31oC for cool season crops.

  1. Maximum temperature
  • Maximum temperature is the one that can be tolerate without injury to crop plants. The maximum temperature tolerance varies greatly with the crop species. Above which plant growth

  • The tolerable maximum temperature for hot season is 44-50oC and cool season crop is 31-35oC.

  1. Minimum temperature
  • Minimum temperature is the temperature at which any plant can continue its activity and below which no growth occurs.
  • It is approximately the freezing point of water. The growth of many of the tropical plants is retarded at 20oC and are frequently killed at 10oC.
  • The tolerance range of minimum temperature for cool season crops ranges between 0-5oC and hot season crop 15-18oC.
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