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Advantages of minimum tillage:

  1. Minimum tillage practices can save a lot of power energy, labour and time and sowing of seeds can be done on time.
  2. It is especially of greater importance when harvesting and threshing of one crop coincides with immediate sowing of another crop.
  3. This system is found to be an alternative to the conventional tillage system where soils are subject to wind and water erosion, the timing of tillage operation is too difficult, the requirements and cost of energy and labour are too high and performance is insufficient.
  4. Minimum tillage practices can improve soil conditions due to decomposition of plant residues in situ.
  5. Higher infiltration caused by the decomposition of dead roots.
  6. Less resistance to root growth due to improved soil structure.
  7. Less soil erosion compared to conventional tillage practices.


  1. Sowing operations are difficult with ordinary equipments.
  2. Continuous use of herbicides causes pollution problems and dominance of perennial problematic weeds.
  3. Seed germination is lower; more N has to be added because rate of decomposition of organic matter is slow.
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