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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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  1. Integral part of human society:
  • Convey the human feeling as a symbol of beauty, love, tranquility, purity, peace etc.

i. Rose for love

ii. Pansy for thoughts

iii. White Carnation for women’s love

iv. French Marigold for jealousy or sorrow

v. African Marigold for vulgar minds

vi. Amaryllis for pride

vii. Iris for message

viii. Jasmine for amiability

ix. Lily for purity

x. Sweet pea for departure etc.

2. As symbolic significance of the nation:

Name of country

National Flower

England/ Iran

Rose (Thrones)












Lotus (Kamal)


Rhododendron (Laligurans)



  1. Socio-cultural and religious importance:
  • In Hindu religion, one cannot think of any religious/traditional ritual or ceremony being performed without flowers.
  • No social function is complete without the use of flowers. e. g. Marriage ceremony and other social functions.
  1. Aesthetic and functional importance
  • Satisfy human desire- aesthetically, conveniently with beauty & pleasures. Reduces pollution, provide protection, maintain privacy, hold various activities, etc.
  • Many flowers like jasmines are used for self-adornment.


  1. Economic importance
  • Highly valuable and market demanded Price range NRs 10 – 50 thousands.
  • As cut flowers, dried flowers, seed and making of economic products like perfumes, oil, dye etc.
  • g. Colchicines from Crocos (Saffron); Rose water (Gulkand), essential oil & scents etc.
  • The oil extracted from damascena var. trigunipeta is the best quality rose oil in the world.
  1. Employment opportunities:
  • Export of pots and ornamental plants, garden tools and equipment and earning of foreign currency.
  • Total turnover of flori-products during 1992 was 1 crore while it was 18 crore during 2004.


  1. Medicinal importance
  • Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic drugs are prepared from different ornamental plants. For e.g. used as curative and preventive treatments for different types of diseases and ailments.
  • Aloe vera for burning, rheumatism and pain reliever.
  • Datura stramonium for anesthesia.
  • Rose juice for earache, pimple, ringworm, stomachache.
  • Neem for Skin diseases, Gum diseases, fungicide, insecticide, manure.
  • Amala (Phyllanthus embilica) for cold, blacken hair and vitamin supplements.
  • Sisnu (Uratica dioca) for mosquito Repeller after burning dried leaves.
  • Bead tree (Elacocarpus sphaericus) for increase memory.
  • Calendula officinalis (Asarfiful) for remove wart by using leaf extract.
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