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Rose Pruning | Armstrong Garden Centers


  • time of pruning in terai is done at first fortnight of October.
  • At the time of pruning, the cut given to the branch should be slanting cut opposite to the bud. So, rotting of bud may not take place by rain.
  • While pruning, all the intercrossed, in laced, week and diseased branches should be removed.
  • In HT rose and Floribundas, amount of pruning is done according to the age of the plant.
  1. Light pruning (<4 year): each bush will have 6-8 canes & each cane will have 6-8 buds.
  2. Moderate pruning (4-8 years): each bush will have 4-6 canes & 4-6 buds/ cane.
  3. Heavy pruning (> 8 year): also called hard pruning: each bush will have 2-4 canes & each cane will have 2-4 buds.
  • After pruning, cut should be covered with fungicidal paint to check the infection of Dieback pathogen (Diplodia rosarum).
  • Fungicidal paint can be prepared by mixing Linseed oil (heat and cool), lime and CuSO4 at the ratio of 3:2:1. (CuSO4 should be fried).
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