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  1. Agro-climatic diversity
  • Land of extreme with lot of variation in altitude, temperature, rainfall and humidity with a small space of geography. Due to different climatic zone, suitable solid pockets can also be selected for growing of flowers.
  • Every 7 km towards north, there are different types of climate.
  • Temperature and high light intensity during winter allows production of most flowers.


  1. Rich in plant diversity
  • Wide ranges of wild flowers are available and wide range of ornamental plants can be grown in different niches. So, flowers can be produced the year round.
  • 7 thousand types of flowering plants are available in Nepal.
  • 32 species of Rhododendron are available in Nepal and not available in other countries.
  • 350 species of Orchids are available in Nepal out of 30000 species of the world.
  • Even today, expedition to forests and mountains result in discovery of new ornamental species.


  1. Abundant supply of cheap labor:
  • Comparatively cheap and easily available labor in Nepal is another favorable factor for growing flowers at cheaper rate.


  1. Facilities of micro propagation:
  • First tissue culture laboratory was established in 1976 at Godawari.
  • At present, three tissue culture laboratories are established in private sector and they are trying to explore external market for their products.


  1. Involvement of private sector:

Since 1992, FAN initiated for the amelioration of flori production and trade in Nepal. Basically, it is carrying out the activities include the following:

  • Establishment of wholesale market
  • Monitoring of commercial activities of flori-products
  • Exploring the export potential of flori-products
  • Providing technical support services to the growers and the nurserymen.
  • Possibility of a collaboration with foreign companies for producing flori-products for export market
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