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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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  1. Seed propagation:
  • Seed propagation is used for breeding purposes.
  • Seeds are harvested after 4-5 weeks of flowering when capsule turn brown. The seeds germinate in 2-3 weeks.
  • It requires 3-4 years for flowering.


  1. Corm/cormel/cormlet:
  • Commercially, corms (>2.5 cm diameter) are used to produce flowers in gladiolus.
  • Cormels/cormlets (1-2.5 cm diameter) are the important source for increasing the number of planting material (Corms).
  • The plants are lifted when leaves start yellowing and withering.
  • Cormels are produced in clusters between mother and daughter corms on short stolons.
  • The cormels are planted after the dormancy period (3-4 month). Flowering can be obtained in the second or third year.


  1. Division of corms:
  • There is possibility of using corm segments for propagation purpose (Half segments).
  • The large corms are cut into small pieces, each piece should have a bud and root zone.
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