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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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I. Seed propagation: Used in the breeding purposes and rootstock production.

➢ Fully ripe hips are harvested and dried and seed is extracted by opening the hips.

➢ Seed germination is poor and erratic but treating with GA3 100 ppm enhances germination.

II. Cutting: Rootstock varieties are propagated by cutting of recently matured wood.

➢ 1000 ppm IBA enhance rooting of cutting.

III. Budding and grafting: commonly used for commercial purpose

➢ T budding and Chip budding is applied generally.

➢ Side grafting is popular for modern roses now a day. It is done in winter season in Chitwan.

➢ Budding/Grafting is commonly practiced on rootstocks (R. indica, R. multiflora)

➢ From rootstock to sellable plants, it takes at least one year in the field

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