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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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a. Pitting:

  • Planting pits for roses are prepared at least one month prior to planting. The convenient pit size is 75 cm. diameter and 60 cm deep.
  • After digging out the pits, they are backfilled with surface soil and well-rotted FYM or compost mixed in equal proportion.
  • Then the pit is irrigated for setting the soil. 500 gm. of SSP also may be mixed with the soil and compost or FYM.


b. Bed Planting:

  • length of desired but breadth within 1.2-1.4 is prepared for bed planting.
  • Pits of 30 cm depth and diameter are prepared before 10-15 days of rose planting.
  • They are filled back with the mixture of surface soil or top soil and compost or FYM and rose are planted.
  • This method is mostly adapted for cut flower production in large area
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