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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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  1. Soil Preparation:
  • Soil preparation starts with a deep ploughing to a depth of 30 cm prior to one or two months of planting.
  • Flat beds are made for winter planting in Terai and raised beds for summer rainy season planting in hills.


  1. Spacing and Planting Density:
  • Depends upon size of planting material, purpose and cultivars.
  • In general, for cut flower production; 20 X 20 cm, 25 X 30 cm, 30 X 25 cm (ideal).


  1. Planting and Planting Depth:
  • Planting of corms at 5-15 cm deep is practiced; range depends on the physical condition of the soil, weather condition and planting material.
  • To obtain the large bloom all except the strongest and closest bud to the center should be removed (de-eyeing) with a sharp pointed knife or a potato peeler.
  • Deep planting facilitates higher production of cormel and ensures vertical and straight growth, which prevents from lodging too.
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