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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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Several factors which affect the making of suitable design for particular site are:

  1. Human choice: man’s ultimate desire is to make his living pleasurable and surroundings comfortable, his dominance is making designs and selection of plant material is very well evident. Therefore, different styles of gardening have come into existence.
  2. The site: this is an important factor and according to site, suitable d3sign is made. In formal style gardening, the site is se3lected according to plan. Topography of the site also affects the design.
  3. Views: distant views of mountains, hills, woods, valley etc are preferred from the place of garden.
  4. Heritage: one inherits the knowledge of botany and aesthetic sense and uses accordingly. Our rich heritage teaches us to use flowers and fragrant trees to improve the surroundings.
  5. Climate: the climate of particular place affects the selection of plant material accordingly. Ideally suited plant material according to climate should be selected.
  6. Soil: according to characteristics of soil types, suitable plants should be selected.
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