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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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a. Land preparation: The soil should be thoroughly prepared to a depth of 25-30 cm.

b. Planting: Plantings are grown for two years and half of the production area is planted each year. Spray carnations are planted each year.

c. Planting density and depth: Increased yield of flowers are obtained when rooted cuttings are planted at spacing of 15-20 cm between rows and plants in rows. The optimum planting density is 32-35 plants/m2. About 15 cm high, 1.05 m wide and of convenient length beds are preferred for planting carnations. Cuttings are always to be planted at a shallow depth.

d. Manuring and fertilization: A total nutrient of 250 g N, 80 g P2O5, 200 g K2O, 125 g Ca, and 40 g Mg per m2 per annum. Application of 180-200 ppm N and 200 ppm K2O in the irrigation water results in best plant growth and quality of flowers.

e. Irrigation: Immediately after planting of rooted cuttings watering has to be done. For early establishment, small quantity of water is sprinkled frequently. Later, larger quantities are given less frequently.

f. Supporting/staking: Carnation plants need to be supported during plant growth to reduce the development of weak and crooked stems. Various kinds of plastic mesh, string, bamboo canes are used for this purpose. Now-a-days the nets are also used.

g. Pinching: It is an important cultural operation for successful production of top-quality carnations. Pinching should be done about 3-4 weeks after planting. The tip of the stem is removed leaving 5 pairs of leaves from which 4 laterals may develop. In case of one flush crop, 6 or 7 pairs of leaves should be left after pinching

h. Disbudding: Usually, the laterals (buds) about six nodes below the terminal flower bud are removed to encourage the development of main flower-bud. In spray or miniatures, the main flower-bud is removed to encourage lateral flower buds to develop.

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