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Terminology Related to Lawn, Garden and Landscape Design
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  1. Large flowered or standard type: Larger flowered types have the genetic potential for the production of large flower. These varieties one produced on long, sturdy stems and have good keeping quality, which are suitable for flower arrangement. eg. Snow Ball (white), Chandrama (yellow), Bowl (rosy yellow), City Beauty (yellow), Golden Rule (yellow), Day Dream (pink) and Sweet Heart (pink).


  1. Spray Type (Small flowered):

a. Korean Single: Number of whorls of ray florets are 5 or < 5 and disc are open. Eg. Cardinal (red), Chairman (Bright yellow).

b. Korean Double: Number of whorls of ray florets are >5 and disc is open. Eg. Fkurt (maroom).

c. Decorative: These are similar to Korean Double, except that flower is completely double and center of bloom is not visible. Eg. Arctic (White), Blue Chip (purple), Dolly (purple), Hurricane (yellow), Alankar (yellow) and Elegance (white).

d. Others Cloud Bank (white), White Sand (white), Golden Sand (yellow), Snow Crystal (white), Golden Crystal (yellow), Anokha (white), Appu etc

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