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a) Cap :

  • It is convex to broadly convex or nearly flat .
  • It is white in some varieties, brown in others.

b) Stem :

  • 2-8 cm long thick, smooth or small scales below the rings that sometime disappear in maturity.

c) Gills:

  • Free from the stem; close; pinkish to pinkish brown at first later becomes dark brown to blackish.

d) Flesh:

  • White and firm.
  • In Nepal, identified species of Agaricus are;

i. Agaricus bisporus

Agaricus bisporus - Wikipedia

ii. A. campestris

Agaricus campestris - Wikipedia

iii. A. rodmani

Champiñón de Doble Anillo (Agaricus bitorquis) · Natusfera

iv. A. silvicola(most poisonous)

Agaricus silvicola - Wikipedia

v. A. subfrutescence

  • These genera can be cultivated in terai during winter and in Kathmandu and lower hills all the year round except summer.
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