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Learn Mushroom Cultivation with Braimy – B.Sc Agriculture
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1.Nutritional composition of mushroom.

a. Moisture:-85-90%.

b. Protein :-Glutamic acid, Aspartic acid and Arginine.

  • The digestibility of mushroom is 10 times faster than animal protein.

c. Fat:- less than 2%.

d. Ash and minerals :- It is a good source of Ca, P, K,Na and Mg.

e. Vitamins :- Vit.B2(Riboflavin), Vit.B3(Niacin) and Vit. B9(Folates).

f. Carbohydrates:- 35-70%.

  1. Health benefits.
  • It contains antioxidant.(Stops release of free radicals hence preventing aging.)
  • It has low cholesterol level.

  1. Medicinal importance.
  • Morchella(Guchi chyau) is used against diarrhea.
  • Pleurotus officinalis is used for blood coagulation , chest pain , TB , High sweating , Jundice and internal parasites.
  • Used as Anaesthetic agent.
  • It is used as healing agent for wounds.
  • It is used for swollen glands and tumor.

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