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Learn Mushroom Cultivation with Braimy – B.Sc Agriculture
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1 . Habitat: If the mushroom is growing on lawn or open area then it is edible but when they grow under trees or shrubs, it  is non-edible.

Many Dangerous Inedible Mushrooms Grow On A Tree Stump In A Forest.  Poisonous Mushrooms, Hazardous To Health. Soft Focus, Possible Granularity  Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 159061162.

2. Physical characteristics

  • If the mushroom contains warts or scales then it is poisonous.
  • The presence of a bulbous cup or sac around the base.
  • A white spore print.
  • Gills attached to cap and not to stalk.

Mushroom - Wikipedia

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