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Learn Mushroom Cultivation with Braimy – B.Sc Agriculture
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a. Without composting:

– In raised bed put one layer of substrate and again put spawn in 3-4 cm distance from wall and 5-6cm in central part upto 4 layers.

– Cover with plastic, which also helps to increase the temperature by 5 fold than not covering with plastic.

b. Composting:

– Compost can be prepared from waste cotton, banana leaf, rice and wheat straw etc.

– Cut the straw into 10-15cm length. Then dip in CaCO3 suspension for 6-8 hrs.

– Put the straw in hip and press gently than insert thermometer at top and cover with white plastic sheet.

– When temp. records 50 °C, then turn the compost upside down and cover again with plastic.

– After 2-3 days, compost is ready to use.

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