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It is carried by short method or long method. The short method of composting consists of following steps.

  • At first , the paddy straw is placed in layers and watered along with fertilizers , wheat bran , molasses, etc.
  • All the substrates are thoroughly mixed with straw and stacked at 5 feet high , 5 feet wide and length as per requirement.
  • The stack is turned on fourth day and watered on the second day.
  • The stack is again turned on fourth day and watered by adding gypsum.
  • The third and final turning is done on twelth day when the color changes into dark brown and emitting ammonia smell. 
  • Thus prepared compost is pasteurized to kill undesirable microbes. This is carried inside steaming room at 600 C temperature for 4 hours.

The compost is ready with pH 7.5 and moisture 70%.

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