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Learn Mushroom Cultivation with Braimy – B.Sc Agriculture
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a) Spore Print :

– The cap from a healthy, disease free mushroom is removed , surface cleaned with a swab of cotton dipped in alcohol and placed on a clean sterilized white paper or on clean glass plate or on surface of the clean glass slides .

– To prevent air flow , place a glass jar or clean glass or cup over the cap surface.

– Spores will fall on the white paper or slide surface within 24- 48 hours.

b) Spore transfer and germination:

–  The scalpel is sterilized by keeping it on a burning flame for 8- 10 seconds till it becomes hot red.

– Cool it by dipping in a sterilized medium.

– Scrap some spores from the spore print taken on a paper or glass slide and transfer them by gently streaking on the agar medium aseptically.

–  Three agar dishes should be inoculated for each spore print and the culture developed after its incubation at appropriate temperature is known as multi-spore culture.

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