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Research status of MAPs in Nepal
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For fresh materials

  • Grind the plant material either with using a small volume of suitable buffer or organic solvent or a liquid nitrogen.
  • Filter and obtain a plant extract.
  • Homogenize the extract with menthol and allow to stand for 24 hours at ordinary temperature.
  • Filter and get obtain a filtrate.


For dried materials

  • Powder the plant materials.
  • Moisten sufficiently with water
  • Filter and obtain filtrate.
  • Add HCl or H2SO4
  • Mix the filtrate with lime solution (NaOH or Na2CO3).
  • Precipitation
  • The solid mass obtained and it carried out with either methanol or benzene or petroleum ether
  • Shaken or allowed to isolate.
  • Alkaloid isolated by crystalline chromatography or ion exchange techniques.
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