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Aloe Vera Plant Care: How to Take Care of Aloe Vera | The Old Farmer's  Almanac

  • Also known as Burn-Plant.


  • grow in hot humid and high rainfall
  • Well drained soil with high organic matter, is most suitable.
  • It grows well in bright sun light. Shady conditions results in disease infestation.
  • Highly sensitive to water stagnation.
  • Grow in sandy soils.

Land Preparation

  • About 2-3 ploughing
  • Make the soil weed free and friable.
  • Land leveling is then followed.
  • Along the slope, 15-20 ft. apart drainage are made.

Application of Plant Nutrients

  • Before land preparation, about 8-10 tonnes FYM/ ha is applied.
  • Before the last ploughing, 35 kg N, 70 kg P2 O5, and 70 kg K2O/ha are added.
  • For controlling termites problem, 350-400 kg Neem Cake / ha may be applied.
  • In September – October about 35-40 kg N as top dressing may be applied. If the soil is rich in organic matter, N dose can be reduced.

Irrigation and Interculture

  • After 40 days or so weeding and earthing up are done.
  • Earthing up is also practiced after top dressing of fertilizer.
  • Aloe vera is slightly tolerant to drought, but very sensitive to water stagnation.
  • Therefore, proper drainage is more important than irrigation.
  • As per need light irrigation during drought is enough.


  • Harvesting of leaves starts after 7-8 months of planting.
  • Typically, the outermost 3–4 leaves are harvested by pulling each leaf away from the plant stalk and cutting at the base.
  • If harvesting is done once in a year, October – November are the best period for harvesting.
  • Second year gives maximum yield and for about 4-5 years good yield could be harvested.
  • After harvesting leaves are dried in shade and then in sun before storages.

Chemical evaluation:

  • The principal constituent is ‘Aloin’.
  • Other chemical constituents are Aloesin, Aloesone, Barbaloin, Aloe-emodin, Aloetic acid, Homonataloin, choline.
  • Vitamins includes A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E.

Uses of Aloe vera

  • As a tropical treatment for burns, wounds.
  • Orally as a laxative.
  • Hot water extracts from the leaves is taken orally to both alleviate painful mensuration and reduce abortion.
  • Taken orally to treat inflammation and pain.
  • Prevents high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.
  • Anti-obesity preparation, as a moisturizers and as cathartic blood purifier.
  • Used in arthritis, muscle stiffness, chloasma, perspiration, ulcers, and hyperacidity
  • As anti-oxidant and cancer preventing activity.

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