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Learn Introductory plant breeding with Braimy- B.Sc agriculture
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A) Initial selection:

  • Can be either a positive or a negative selection
  • Negative screening: A screening technique designed to identify and eliminate the least desirable plants.
  • positive screening: which involves identifying and preserving the most desirable plants.

B) 1st Year:

  • Select plants with respect to height, maturity, grain size, and any other traits that have ‘production’ or ‘acceptability’ issues
  • Bulk seed (may ‘block’ these bulks if wide variation is present for certain traits; e.g. height)
  • May be able to use machines to select. i.e. Harvest only tall plants, or save only large seed passed through a sieve.

C) 2nd Year:

  • MS really only takes 1 yr because selected seed represents a mixture of only the superior pure lines that existed in the original population
  • However, additional rounds of selection and bulking will allow for evaluation under different environments, disease and pest pressures.
  • Also, multiple years will allow you to compare performance with established cultivars over years and environments.
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