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  • Depending upon the number of dominant alleles present, they are referred as simplex (Aaaa), duplex (AAaa), triplex (AAAa), Quadruplex (AAAA) and nulliplex (aaaa).
  • On selfing a simplex will produce two types of gametes Aa and aa in 1:1 ratio due to random chromosome segregation.
  • Self-pollination of such a simplex would produce. There genotypes AAaa, Aaaa and aaa in the ratio 1:2:1 giving the phenotypic ratio of 3 : 1. while produces 3 types of gametes viz., AA, Aa and aa in the ratio of 1:12:15 due to random chromatid segregation selfing of a simplex in such a case is expected produce the following progeny.


Quadraplix            AAAA        1

Triplex                  AAA a        24

Duplex                  AAaa          174

Simplex                Aaaa           360

Nulliplex               aaaa            225

Total:                                         784

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