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Learn Introductory plant breeding with Braimy- B.Sc agriculture
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There are certain norms for release of new variety that have to be strictly followed. Besides distinctness, uniformity and stability, the new variety should be superior to the previously released varieties of a crop in one or more of the following characteristics.

  1. Yield potential of grain, oil, fibre, fodder, vegetable or other economic product.
  2. Resistance to biotic (diseases, insects and parasitic weeds) and abiotic (drought, salinity, frost, cold, heat, metal toxicity etc.) stresses.
  3. Quality of oil, fibre, protein, fodder, vegetable, grain, etc.
  4. Maturity duration (earliness).
  5. Adaptability – Suitability for general cultivation over a wide range of environmental conditions.
  6. Suitability for machine harvesting, etc.
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