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Learn Introductory plant breeding with Braimy- B.Sc agriculture
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  1. Assessment of genetic variability present in the population. – It can be assesed by Range, variance, standard deviatio n, coefficient of variation, D2 statistics, metro glyph analysis
  2. In the selection of elite genotypes from mixed populations – correlation, path and discriminant function analysis)
  3. Selection of parents and breeding procedures – diallel , partial diallel, line x tester, generation means, triallel by parental cross and triple test cross analysis
  4. Determining varietal adaptation – Stability analysis

Finley and Wilkinson (1963)

Eberhart and Russel (1966)

Perkins and Jinks (1968)

Freeman and Parkins (1971)

  1. AMMI – Model – Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction

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