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  • Heterosis may be defined as the superiority of an F, hybrid over both its parents in terms of yield or some other character.
  • Generally, heterosis is manifested as an increase in vigour, size, growth rate, yield or some other characteristic.
  • But in some cases, the hybrid may be inferior to the weaker parent. This is also regarded as heterosis; Often the superiority of F, is estimated over the average of the two parents, or the mid -parent.
  • If the hybrid is superior to the mid -parent, it is regarded as heterosis (average heterosis or relative heterosis).
  • Heterosis is estimated over the superior parent; such an estimate is sometimes referred to as heterobeltiosis.
  • The term heterobeltiosis is not commonly used since most breeders regard this to be the only case of heterosis and refer to it as such i.e., heterosis.

Heterosis — Crop Functional Genomics

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