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  1. Appearance of Lethal and Sublethal Alleles :
  • IB results in appearance of lethal; sublethal and sub vital characters.
  • Eg : Chlorophyll deficiencies, rootless seedlings, flower deformities – They do not survive, they lost in population.
  1. Reduction in vigor :
  • General reduction in vigor size of various plant parts.
  1. Reduction in Reproductive ability :
  • Reproductive ability of population decreases rapidly.
  • Many lines reproduce purely that they cannot be maintained.
  1. Separation of the population into distinct lines :
  • Population rapidly separates into distinct lines i.e. due to increase in homozygosity.
  • This leads to random fixation of alleles in different lines.
  • Therefore, lines differ in genotype and phenotype. It leads to increase in the variance of the population.
  1. Increase in homozygosity :
  • Each lines becomes homozygous.
  • Therefore, variation within a line decreases rapidly. After 7-8 generations of selfing the line becomes more than 99% homozygous. These are the inbreds. These have to be maintained by selfing.
  1. Reduction in yield :
  • IB leads to loss in yield.
  • The inbreds that survive and maintained have much less yield than the open pollinated variety from which they have been developed.
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