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  1. High inbreeding depression :
  • Eg : alfalfa and carrot show very high ID.
  • A large proportion of plants produced by selfing show lethal characteristics and do not survive.
  1. Moderate inbreeding depression :
  • Eg : Maize, Jowar and Bajra etc. show moderate ID.
  • Many lethal and sublethal types appear in the selfed progeny, but a substantial proportion of the population can be maintained under self-pollination.
  1. Low inbreeding depression :
  • Eg : Onion, many Cucurbits, Rye and Sunflower etc. show a small degree of ID.
  • A small proportion of the plants show lethal or subvital characteristics.
  • The loss in vigour and fertility is small ; rarely a line cannot be maintained due to poor fertility.
  1. Lack of inbreeding depression :
  • The self-pollinated species do not show ID, although they do show heterosis. It is because these species reproduce by self-fertilization and as a result, have developed homozygous balance.
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