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a) Higher genetically purity:

  • Breeder /Nucleus – 100%
  • Foundation seed – 99.5%
  • Certified seed – 99.0%

b) Higher physical purity for certification

  • Maize , Bhendi – 99%
  • All crops ( most) – 98%
  • Carrot – 95%
  • Sesame, soybean & jute – 97 %
  • Ground nut – 96 %

c) Possession of good shape, size, colour, etc., according to specifications of variety

d) Higher physical soundness and weight

e) Higher germination ( 90 to 35 % depending on the crop)

f) Higher physiological vigour and stamina

g) Higher storage capacity

h) Free from other crop seeds ( Expressed in number /kg) – Other crop seeds are the plants of cultivated crops found in the seed field and whose seed are so similar to crop seed that is difficult to separate them economically by mechanical means. Eg. Mixtures of Wheat, oats seeds in barley.

i) It should be free from objectionable weed seeds

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