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  • Same form whether self- or cross-pollinated species
  • Only difference is pollination control
  • With backcross we approach homozygosity at the same rate as with selfing
  • Goal is to move 1 to a few traits from a donor parent (deficient in other traits) to a recurrent parent (deficient in the trait of interest)

The backcross breeding method illustrated for a dominant allele for... | Download Scientific Diagram

  • Limited use of BC to create a population for selection that fosters wider genetic variance and modest introgression is a separate issue than a repeated BC to derive a new cultivar
  • Jensen suggested that a 3-way (a backcross to another recurrent or superior parent following the single cross of a desirable and an undesirable parent) was superior to single cross followed by pedigree or other selection methodology
  • BC must be used with other, more exploratory procedures; otherwise Gs=0
  • Must have a suitable recurrent parent of BCs to make? usually 4
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