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Learn Introductory Crop Physiology with Braimy – B.SC Agriculture
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  • Study the mechanism and sequence of events that occur in plant during their various life processes, responses and function with a view point of improving plant growth in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
  • In horticulture and agriculture along with food science, plant physiology is an important topic relating to fruits, vegetables, and other consumable parts of plants.
  • Understanding the biochemical processes is key to improving crop yields or modifying the physiology of a plant to make it more tolerant of diseases, pests, drought, or other adverse conditions.
  • The control of soil fertility, pollution and mineral requirement is another field where the knowledge can be applied. Such as improvement in biological nitrogen fixation, selection of proper Rhizobium strains.
  • The proper knowledge of soil-water-plant relationship will enhance the bumper yield of crops.
  • Effective and efficient use of plant growth regulators for enhancing the growth and productivity is another application of physiological study.
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