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  • Chilling treatment; low temperature(0-5ºC) for some time e.g. apple, peach, plum
  • Alternate high and low temperature: 30-40º C to 5-10º C. Care to be taken that difference should not be more than 20º C. e.g. Rumex, Lycopus
  • Impaction: by vigorous shaking for seeds having plug for easy breaking.
  •  Light requirement: red light hasten germination in positive photoblastic seeds
  • Pressure treatment; high hydraulic pressure about 2000 atm at temperature of 18-20 ºC for 5-20 minutes. E.g. sweet clover, alfa alfa
  • Chemical treatment: thio urea, KNO3, 2- chlorohydrin, purine, gibberlin, cytokinine hasten the germination in several plants.
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