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  • It has a great application in hybridization programme.
  • Useful for successive cultivation of agricultural crops.
  • The yield of tubers, bulbs, rhizomes, corms can be increased by the knowledge of photoperiodism.
  • The vegetable can be made to remain vegetative for longer periods and annuals can be growth 2-3 times a year.
  • Long day photoperiodic induction influences stolen formation in strawberries.
  • Short day photoperiodic induction help in production of winter buds , thickening of radish, carrot, dahlia
  • Winter dormancy and autumn leaf fall can be prevented by increasing photoperiodic hours.
  • It serves to stimulate the development of fruit color, flower and fruit formation throughout the year.
  • Physiological preconditioning activities can be induced by the treatment of photoperiods.
  • It probably may be of direct importance in the synthesis of food materials as well as hormones which are almost essential for better growth and development of crops.


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