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Learn Introductory Crop Physiology with Braimy – B.SC Agriculture
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  • Crop physiology refers to “Science of how plants develop, grow, and respond to their environment at the cellular & biochemical level”.
  • Plant physiology is the study of:

a) the functions and processes occurring in plants

b) the vital processes occurring in plants

c) how plants work

  • In essence, plant physiology is a study of the plant way of life, which include various aspects of the plant lifestyle and survival including: metabolism, water relations, mineral nutrition, development, movement, irritability (response to the environment), organization, growth, and transport processes.
  • Plant physiology is a subdiscipline of botany concerned with the functioning, or physiology, of plants.
  • Julius von Sachs (October 2, 1832 – May 29, 1897) is considered as the father of Plant Physiology.
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