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Diversity, classification, and nomenclature of cultivated plants, weeds, microbes, and insect-pests
Centers of diversity of crops and wild genetic diversity
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  • Sum total of all genes present in a given population is known as gene pool.
  • It is of following types:

a) Primary gene pool (GP-1): Varieties of same species that can intermate freely.

b) Secondary gene pool (GP-2): Closely related species that can intercross with GP-1 and produce at least some fertile hybrid.

c) Tertiary gene pool (GP-3): Distantly related species that can intercross with GP-1 and GP-2 but requires additional measure like endosperm rescuing to obtain offspring.

How can you transfer desirable gene from GP3 to GP1.

Ans: GP3 x GP2 —> F1 x GP1 —-> 50% BC1 x GP1 —-> 75% BC2 x GP1 —–> 87.5 % BC3 x GP1—–> BC4 x GP1—-> BC5 x GP1—> BC7x GP1—-> 99.9% BC8 ( having 99.9% character of GP1).

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