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Diversity, classification, and nomenclature of cultivated plants, weeds, microbes, and insect-pests
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  • Defined as cell (or) plant which is produced by fusion of protoplast of one parent and cytoplast of another parent.
  • Cybrid possess nuclear genes from only one parent and cytoplasm from both parents.
  • In cultures cybrids may be produced by one of the following means.

a) fusion of a normal protoplast of one species with an enucleated protoplast (cytoplast) (or) a protoplast having an inactivated nucleus of other species

b) Elimination of nucleus of one species from a normal heterkokaryon or gradual elimination of chromosome of one species from a hybrid cell during the subsequent mitotic divisions.

c) The objective of cybrid production is to be combine cytoplasmic genes of one species with nuclear and cytoplasm of genes of another species

Cybrid generation techniques. Cybrids are produced by combining... |  Download Scientific Diagram

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