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Diversity, classification, and nomenclature of cultivated plants, weeds, microbes, and insect-pests
Centers of diversity of crops and wild genetic diversity
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A. Direct application:

a) Disease and pest resistance

b) Insect and herbicide resistance.

  • Chick pea resistant to pod borer and salmonella

c) Sex expression

d) Virus resistance:

  • RNA from sense (+) + RNA from nonsense (-) à RNA Duplex (+,-) à No protein formation and resistance to virus.

e) Sex expression:

  • MM(heterozygous male) + mm (homozygous female) à Mm(heterozygous)

f) Increased quality

g) Edible vaccines

h) Production of novel biochemicals

i) Seed storage

B. Indirect Application:

  • Introduction of nuclear encoded marker genes for hybridization and cybridization.
  • Introduction of transposons in crop plants for tagging genes of agricultural traits.
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