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Diversity, classification, and nomenclature of cultivated plants, weeds, microbes, and insect-pests
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  • Soil pathogenic bacteria cause tumors and galls in plants; inject through wounds.
  • Ti region is transferred into host genome
  • Here Ti stands for tumor inducing gene.
  • Ti region contain T-DNA
  • T-DNA has 4 genes,

a) tms1, tms2 – synthesis of IAA

b) tmr – production of cytokinin

c) os – opine synthesis

  • Tms1, tms2 and tmr are called oncogenes and are involved in tumor production.
  • Vir region is responsible or assist in T-DNA transfer and contain 6-8 operons.
  • Removal of 3 oncogenes from T-DNA sequence is called disarming.
  • Opines (amino acid derivative) serve carbon, nitrogen and energy source for the bacteria.

Agrobacterium tumefaciens, SEM - Stock Image - C037/0157 - Science Photo  Library

Fig: Agrobacterium tumefaciens


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