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Causes, Effects and Solutions to Ecological Problem of Eutrophication -  Conserve Energy Future

  • The process of nutrient enrichment in water bodies is known as eutrophication.
  • It proceeds over a period of thousands or tens of thousands of years, depending on the original size and depth of the lake, the amount of sediment imported and the amount of organic matter internally generated.
  • The original state of a wetland and the rate at which at which it takes place depends on the location of the water body, its hydraulic character, and the attributes of its watershed including soils, slopes of terrain, and extent of vegetative cover.
  • The addition of large amounts of phosphorus (in the form of the phosphate anion, PO 43- ) from a variety of man-made sources can cause accelerated eutrophication to occur in lakes within a few decades. This process is also known as cultural or artificial eutrophication.

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