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a. Light traps:

  • Light traps are used with or without ultraviolet light (UV) that attracts certain insect pests in a certain time.
  • Light sources may include fluorescent light, light-emitting diode, etc.
  • Light traps are widely used to monitor nocturnal insects, meaning night-time insects.
  • They are used to monitor and manage insect pest populations and play a crucial role in physical pest control.

Solar light Trap for Agriculture Insects | Solar Insect Traps

b. Yellow sticky traps:

  • Yellow sticky traps are used to monitor the insect population in the field.
  • They attract the flies and stick them to the yellow colored glue, which is monitored at regular intervals.
  • Sudden increase in the number of trapped insect population is an alarm to adapt the measures for controlling the insect in the field.
  • Yellow sticky traps are a common method for monitoring many pests, including aphids, whiteflies, and leafminer adults.
  • Use of yellow sticky traps in seedling production areas at the rate of 1–2 traps/50–100 m can trap significant numbers of whiteflies.
  • Yellow sticky traps do not require pheromones or insecticides to attract and catch the insects.
  • They are drawn to the trap solely because of the colour.

Insects Found On Yellow Sticky Traps In The Greenhouse NC State Extension  Publications | 50 Insect Traps, Double Sided Sticky Paper, Yellow Sticky  Papers For White Fly Leaf, Aphids, Leafminer With Twist

c. Pheromone traps:

  • Pheromone traps are an excellent monitoring tool for insect infestation.
  • They enable early detection and provide information on the intensity and type of attack.
  • Farmers who do not use these instruments risk yield losses and unnecessary expenditure through the arbitrary usage of pesticides.
  • Pheromone traps have become an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional insecticides for pest control.
  • They are used both to count insect populations by sampling, and to trap pests such as clothes moths to destroy them.

Pheromone Trap- Effective Tools To Monitor and Control Of Insect Pests –

d. Extraction from soil:

  • In this case, soil cores containing arthropods are placed in a screened tray at the opening of the funnel.
  • A light bulb or other heating in the shroud above the sample tray heats and dries the soil core, driving out the arthropods.
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